Stilight Top 200mm flexible Trowel

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Aluminium alloy fork, poplar wood handle, extra flexible stainless steel mirror polished blade, 0.3mm thick. 240mm
The lightest finishing trowel in the world

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Stilight Top Polishing Trowel


Stilight trowels are the lightest tools in the world and do not tire your wrist during use.

It has an aluminium alloy fork, wood handle.

The trowel has an extra flexible stainless steel mirror polished blade with the thickness only being 0.3mm thick.

comes in 2 sizes-

200mm x 80mm x 0.3mm

240mm x 100mm x 0.3mm

Stilight Top Polishing Trowel great tool to have in your tool box !

If need any more help choosing the right tools or trowels, than follow the link to contact us and we’ll get back to you! or we are only a phone call away(if you prefer)

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