Intermediate polishing Trowel Kit


Intermediate polishing Trowel Kit


  • Dimensions: 450x380x210 mm
  • Embossed ABS shell,
  • Tough, impact resistant ABS sides
  • Metal locks with keys
  • Large tool tray
  • Lid with stabiliser mechanism
  • 15 tools included

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Intermediate polishing Trowel Kit

Marmorino Tools trowel and tool kit.

Made by Marmorino tools in Italy –

One of its standout features is the assortment of tools tailored explicitly for decorative textured finishes, an indispensable component of achieving impeccable results. The kit also includes various trowels, carefully selected to accommodate the application of different finishes. For instance, when working with medium/coarse marmorino, these trowels are separately used for these finishes, as apposed to polished finishes.

Speaking of polished finishes, the kit acknowledges the critical need for specialized tools in this realm. Using the same trowel across different applications risks scratches, particularly when transitioning from coarser to finer plaster. Therefore, the Marmorino Tools Case Kit provides 2 dedicated trowels for applying and burnishing polished finishes, ensuring a flawlessly glossy outcome.

For metallic finishes, the inclusion of a flexible trowel is a game-changer. This specialized tool allows for artistic movement, creating unique patterns that set metallic finishes apart from traditional Marmorino applications. Moreover, the spatulas included—available in both flexible and non-flexible varieties—address the challenges of applying products in hard-to-reach areas where a standard trowel may not suffice.

In essence, the Marmorino Tools Case Kit ensures you have the right tools for every stage and style of finish. It goes beyond being a mere accessory; it’s a strategic investment to safeguard the integrity of your tools, facilitate the application process, and ultimately elevate the quality of your work.

The kit includes-

Metal locks with keys,

And comes with 15 Tools-

Elite Pro 240mm

Stilight trapezio 200mm and 240mm

Stilmirror plus 200mm and 240mm

Frattone rigato 130mm

3x wooden spatulas 80mm, 100mm, 140mm

2x spatulas 60mm, 80mm, 100mm

“Satin light” clear trowel 200mm

Frattone cork 200mm

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