About Us

About Us

The company Marmorino Tools comes from the original business of 3M SRL,

which is a family-based historic company, with a 100% Italian heart.

Their aim is to keep up with the trends of the international market, which Italy has a well known high standard worldwide.

when it  comes to design and production of the tools it was to create great finishes when using lime based products.

Marmorino Tools is always thinking ahead for the applicators needs to make their job easier.

The image below shows one of their best inventions the XTrowel!

This is great for white/light colours as it leaves no blacks marks when burnishing.


About Marmorinotools.co UK TROWELS
About Us

At Marmorinotools.co supply the UK with a great range of Trowels, also tools so you can achieve bespoke finishes.

We also have our other company Italiano Stucco that provide the UK with Loggia products.

Also running courses on Venetian plastering, microcement, colour blending and stencils this is located in Southport which is near to Manchester and Liverpool 

Check out the website in the Link below


We are always here to help so don’t hesitate to pick the phone or give us an email and we’ll do our best to help with any questions you have about our tools.