Marmorino Tools Glyfo Trowel

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Marmorino Tools Glyfo Trowel

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Marmorino Tools Glyfo Trowel

Maestro Bruno Renda has always been fascinated by the ancient world,

by the monuments and by the rich and particular decorations that embellish them. I

n particular, the Egyptian hieroglyphics inspired him to design this new steel trowel with a particular toothing

with which it is possible to create effects that recall absolutely unique ancient writings

GLYFO Trowel is recommended to be used with materials that are as natural as possible such as natural lime with marble, stone and mineral dust, for a warmer final result.

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In a few simple steps, signs will appear, really reminding symbols of ancient lost alphabets, full of charm for those who observe them.

For a another trowel which creates smooth lines throughout the finish have look HERE


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