Sponge float square Trowel

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Special extra light trowel with shockproof ABS monolitic body. Easy to clean. Foam rubber base available in two pore sizes. Large or medium.

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Sponge float square Trowel

Dimensions are 140mm x 140mm x 15mm

CREATE THE PERFECT BASECOAT: The perfect stucco finish starts with a great basecoat.

For spreading perfectly smooth basecoats of Venetian plaster, marmorino, stucco, masonry mortars, cement, drywall mud, and tile grouting.


The #1 most popular use for our Flamingo Sponge Float is smoothing the first coat of matte marmorino or tadelakt.

These high-end finishes are applied with a steel trowel then smoothed with a wet sponge.

Matte plaster is on-trend and this tool should be in your toolkit to get the right look.


Use the sponge trowel anywhere you might use a sponge or rag and give your wrists a break with our handle grip.

You can use a sponge trowel to apply most clear sealers and metallic waxes to Venetian plaster.

Just remember that unsealed plaster is porous so use a clear sealer first before adding a color wash or mica powders.

Marmorino Tools have been manufacturing and testing the highest quality stucco tools in Italy for over 50 years.

The Flamingo Sponge Float weighs just 8-ounces and is designed for precise smoothing and topcoat application.

When using your tool for smoothing, we recommend applying the plaster with your steel trowel,

before the material has had time to dry completely, soak the sponge trowel with water and run it across the surface.

Marmorino Tools Brand – http://www.marmorinotools.it/en/

Easy to clean

Sponge float Trowel with aluminium alloy base, beechwood handle which is screwed to the base

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