Stilight Trapezio Dual Trowel 240mm


Among the lightest finishing trowels in the world; they have extraordinary manageability and do not tire your wrist during use.

ABS fork, poplar wood handle, rectified stainless steel blade mirror polished, 0.6mm thick.

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Stilight Trapezio Dual Trowel 240mm


Follow the link below to see the range of stilight from marmorino tools “the makers ”
Marmorino Tools based in Italy. Offer different tools and trowels for venetian plaster application.

The “Stilight” are a range of trowels that are the lightest tools in the world and only 0.6mm in thickness, so they are great for working with on big jobs and plus the not as much strain on your wrist.
Stilight Trapezio Dual Trowel 240mm

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