Q1 Delicate Masking tape 1″ Box of 36

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Q1 Delicate Masking tape 1″ Box of 36 is an ultra-thin, low tack masking tape.

It’s made from Washi Japanese paper, specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during the painting process.

It is the ideal product for touch-ups and finishes on freshly paints applied on smooth surfaces, assuring easy and clean removal without leaving residues within 24 hours from the application.

Q1 Delicate Masking tape 1″-  25mm x 50m

Q1 Delicate Masking tape Features & benefits

  • Ultra-thin, low tack adhesion for protecting delicate surfaces
  • 7 days indoor clean removal
  • Gentle removal with no residue
  • 24 hours clean removal on freshly painted surfaces
  • Suitable for smooth and slightly surface

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Additional information

Weight.200 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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