Textured Roller “SNAKE” Effect

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Textured Roller “SNAKE” Effect

Handle made of high-strength steel with PVC anatomic grip. Special rubber rollers with the Pop&Roll handle that can be replaced in seconds.

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Textured Roller “SNAKE” Effect

Marmorino Tools have brought out 7 different designs of these rollers called “pop and roll”.

They are made out of special rubber which can be washed so you can use them time and time again.

The size of the roller is 250mm in length.

Made in Italy.

The handle is made out of stainless steel inside with a PVC anatomic grip outside!

And you can just pop the roller out in seconds, hence the name “pop and roll”. And so easy to use.

There are 7 different design’s to choose from,
Crocodile effect, snake effect , net, buzz, viper, granito and sponge.

Their purpose are to be used with a Textured plaster and really create the WOW factor, especially when using a metallic colour over the top of the base colour.

Textured Roller “SNAKE” Effect

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