Stilmirror Microcement Trowel


Stilmirror Microcement Trowel

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Stilmirror Microcement Trowel

High resistence stainless steel blade, designed to use with resins and microcement layering.

With being 360mm long it is great for applying large areas

Aluminum alloy fork, and rubber handle for confortable grip

360mm x 100mm x 0.6mm


If needing any products than you will find all our Loggia products on our other website –

We know that it is daunting when looking at all the trowels we have to offer, we have the basic trowels like stilmirror that come in 200mm, 240mm, and 280mm they are great for when you are just starting out with Venetian plastering and don’t want to spend too m much! to the high end Trowel – XTROWEL that is made with special stainless steel that is designed for white/light colours from microcement to polished plaster and that it leaves no black marks when burnishing, this comes in 200mm, 240mm and the exotic trapezoidal shape.

If you are needing any more in formation on any Tools in the range on our website, as we know there is so many trowels and faux finishing tools for creative finishing to choose from!

Than please use the link and leave your details and we will get back to you!-

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