Stilmirror Trowel 240mm


Polishing Trowel Stilmirror 240mm

Fork made of aluminium alloy.  Mirror polished stainless steel trapezoidal blade with anti-scratch rounded corners, rectified edges and more flexible rubber handle.

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Polishing Trowel Stilmirror 240mm
Marmorino Tools stilmirror Trowels come in 3 different sizes-
200mm,240mm, 280mm.
Made in Italy
This Trowel is for polishing(burnishing) your venetian plaster, and is a great starting trowel when going on courses to learn the trade but don’t want to pay too much at the start.
Its made of aluminium alloy, and mirror polished stainless steel trapezoidal blade with anti scratch rounded corners,

Polishing Trowel Stilmirror 240mm
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