Decorative Sponge Textured Roller


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Decorative Sponge Textured Roller with handle

200mm roller that is used for making textured patterns when using Venetian plaster products like our range of Loggia products that are sourced from Italy,

Great for making patterns on any feature wall, and easy to wash too!

Loggia featured this roller on the live demo’s during covid 19 lockdown, they used this with Plasma 3D to show what can be achieved,

and they did not disappoint!!

All of there demo’s are on their you tube channel and Facebook page which is –   Loggia industria vernici

worth checking them out if you have time !!

The sponge is very strong unlike other sponges on the market

so as long as it is washed properly after use than this will last you!

Decorative Sponge Textured Roller

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