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Marmorino Tools stencil catalogue

the great thing about Marmorino Tools stencils are they are reusable, just a quick wash with a sponge and they are back to looking good as new !

the great thing about these stencils are they to be used with Venetian plaster finishes, which helps to create your decorative finish on walls, ceilings, anywhere !!

They come in all different sizes ranging from 30cm x 30cm upto 90cm !

using stencils with Venetian plaster is becoming more popular, with being able to incorporate different products together and making the stencil strand out even more!

Infinito and volare, our Venetian plaster products are most popular using marmorinotools stencils and they give you the texture when using a stencil, finished off with our liquid metal- bi plasma 3d metal or dorotea which is a decorative metallic finishing product, that goes over volare or infinity so easily.

Also if you buy 3 stencils you Geta carry case free to keep all your stencils from creasing or ripping !

Browse all the stencils available from Marmorino Tools catalogue below, if we do not have it in stock just get in touch and we can pre order for you! all we need is the code of the chosen stencil, we will than send you an invoice and once paid we can order in, delivery times varies from Italy but usually here within a couple of weeks

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