Stilight Ovale Trowel


The lightest trowels available, with the thinnest, most flexible steel blades in Italy

* This flexible 0.3mm trowel is one of the essential tools for the complete faux finishing toolbox

* Made in Italy by Marmorino Tools with lightweight ABS plastic fork and poplar wood handle

* INOX stainless steel will not rust or discolor your plaster with mineral residue

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Stilight Ovale Trowel


  • 360° CURVED BLADE TO MAKE YOUR DOME SHINE: Just like our other plastering tools, we’ve designed our oval trowel with a beveled edge so it’s ideal for compressing and polishing concave surfaces to a high shine. And it has our mirror polished INOX stainless steel blade so your ceilings and curved walls can achieve that mirror polish.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN EASIER ON YOUR ARMS: Weighing in at just 154g, this tool is composed of lightweight poplar wood handle and ABS plastic fork because troweling above your head is hard enough! We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create the most epic dome vaulted ceilings with Venetian plaster.
  • CREATE SEAMLESS SHOWERS AND SPIRAL STAIRCASES: Your most high-end clients love seamless interiors. It’s the epitome of luxury to have a handmade wall finish that goes places where tile and wallcovering cannot. Curved edges are becoming an increasingly popular feature in natural lime-based Tadelakt shower stalls and this is the right plaster trowel to deal with those pesky inside corners and add this hot finish to your portfolio.
  • Size:240x100x0.6mm 
  • Stilight Ovale Trowel

This is just one of the trowel’s available in the Stilight range, which has all shapes and sizes available

Stilight Range

We also have Training courses running throughout the year at our studio in Southport, Merseyside. Focusing on upto date finishes as well as traditional, and all course using nothing but the best tools !! Marmorino Tools !

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