Plastic Roman Trowel


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Plastic Roman Trowel

Frattone Roman Towel, used to create a roman travertine effect.

This is one piece polyurethane trowel with its base being slightly raised on all ends of the trowel,

to a point to create that defining line in your finish.

Can be used for drag effect with the likes of Infinito which is a coarse lime product and volare a mineral lime plaster.

Easy to wash and keep looking like it is brand new!

This is another trowel to add to the “Frattone range”

Marmorino Tools are a worldwide brand just as Loggia industria vernici have great reputation,

if you have time I think you would enjoy Loggia’s YouTube channel you will find all new videos they have created

during the Coronavirus outbreak and older videos on a range of finishes.

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