Elite Pro Exotic Trowel 200mm


Elite Pro Exotic Trowel 200mm x 80mm

Rubber handle and aluminium alloy fork, 18 carats gold plated, trapezoidal rectified, stainless steel blade mirror polished, 0.6mm thick.

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Elite Pro Exotic Trowel 200mm

Marmorino Tools Elite pro range

This trowel is the smallest out of the 3 and new to the market!! The mini Exotic Trowel!!

Made in Italy.http://www.marmorinotools.it/en/toptools/elite-dualexotic/

The Exotic Trowel was created with the help of Gian Carlo Sagasti, master applicator of venetian plaster.

Being an applicator himself he wanted to hep create a design that would be useful to everyone not just him.

Elite pro Trowel great for getting into awkward spaces and hard to reach corners with its unique shape blade.

Rubber handle with an 18 carot gold plated fork, trapezoidal rectified stainless steel mirror polished blade.

And comes in its own packaging!

Available in 3 sizes-

200mm x 80mm x 0.6m
240mm x 100mm x 0.6mm
280mm x 120mm x 0.6mm

Also available in left hand version and “Beast” engraved on the 240mm Exotic Trowel like Gian Sagasti from America showcases on his tools!

Elite Pro Exotic Trowel 200mm

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